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14. Set-up & Dismantle

Set-up  #

Flooring #

If you have purchased a standard shell built booth, your space will include carpet flooring. Spacy only purchased booths are raw space, with no carpet included, should you wish to purchase flooring or change the inclusive flooring in your booth, this will need to be arranged with Exponet, via their OEK portal.

Rigging #

For safety reasons, all rigging overhead banners and signage will be completed by BCEC and must be pre-arranged with the Centre prior to the exhibition.

A quote can be arranged with the Exhibitor Services via the online exhibitor portal.

Safety Vests #

Contractors and exhibitors will not be allowed entry to the area unless a safety vest is worn.

  • All organisers, contractors, exhibitors, and their staff must wear safety vests during set up and dismantle of the exhibition.
  • Safety vests are available from the Information Desk in the Main Foyer or vending machines located on the Exhibition Hall concourse and loading dock onsite for $10.00 and are required during the bump in and bump out.
  • Closed toed shoes must also be worn during bump-in and bump-out.
  • No children under the age of 16 are allowed during Bump in and bump out.
  • No alcohol can be consumed during bump in or bump out. Alcohol service must stop at least 30 minutes prior to bump out.

Please refer to the BCEC Exhibitor Information Guide for further information on what is expected from exhibitors during bump-in and bump-out.

Testing & Tagging #

All portable electrical equipment, appliances and leads used on the BCEC site must be tested and tagged in accordance with Australian Standard 3760:2003 and Workplace Health & Safety Legislation. Any electrical equipment found not tested will have to be done immediately or removed from the centre. For safety reasons, double adaptors are not to be used in the centre. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that all loose cables are secured to avoid tripping hazards and are in accordance with Australian Standard 3760:2003.

Security #

BCEC Security Officers will maintain security throughout the building. Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken, the organisers and the BCEC accept no responsibility for any loss or damage occurring to persons or property at the Exhibition.

Exhibitors must make provisions for the safeguarding of their goods, materials, equipment and displays at all times. Please be security conscious. Do not leave wallets, laptops, mobile telephones or any easily portable items unattended, at any time, in your stand. Exhibitors are strongly advised to remove any valuable material or equipment from their booths overnight. The protection of your property is your responsibility.

Dismantle #

Dismantling exhibits #

The exhibition closes at 12:30 on Sunday 12 March. No exhibitor may pack down or dismantle their stands prior to this time. Pack down and dismantling is to take place strictly during the following times on Sunday 12 March:

Exhibitor pack down:  12:30-13:30
Custom stand dismantle:  13:30-21:00

Courier Collection #

At the conclusion of the exhibition, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to label and arrange freight for all left over items.

  • Completed consignment notes must be affixed to materials (the venue does not provide consignment notes).
  • Courier companies will not collect goods unless there is a completed and signed consignment note.
  • Allow sufficient time for the goods to be moved from the booth to the loading dock—all boxes must be clearly labelled with your organisation name, contact details, and number of boxes (e.g. Box 1 of 5).
  • Ensure your courier has all the relevant details with regards to the items to be collected, for instance, the name of congress and number of boxes and your contact details.
  • Courier companies should be instructed to pick up freight from the GEL Events depot on Monday 13 March by 1800 hours and must be completed by 2100 hours on Tuesday 14 March. Any items left after this time will be discarded by the contractor.
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