Terms & Conditions

Things you need to know

▪▪ You (Sponsoring /Exhibiting organisation) by returning the sponsorship booking form or the exhibition booking form accept these Terms and Conditions.

▪▪We/Us (MCI ABN 76 108 781 988) representing the Organising Committee and the Host Body do not accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or changes.

▪▪Details may change without notice. Please refer to the website (https://www.orlhns23.com/) for the latest information on the event.

▪▪ MCI has been engaged by the Host to provide Event-Management Services in respect of the Event.   

Financial facts

▪▪Phone or unpaid bookings will not be accepted.

▪▪We will issue a tax invoice which is payable within 14 days. If you miss the payment date, any time dependent discounts will be forfeited— i.e. you will be billed at the next highest level (early rate to standard, etc.).

▪▪ You will not receive any sponsorship or exhibition entitlements, including allocation of booth location (allocated in order of sponsorship/exhibition level) until all monies have been paid.

▪▪All sponsorship and exhibition prices are in AUD.

▪▪ All prices are inclusive of GST

▪▪Payments can be made via EFT.

▪▪ If you pay by electronic funds transfer or you agree to pay any bank charges and must include these in the amount you transfer.

▪▪If you pay by credit card a payment processing fee may be applied.

▪▪ You must notify us in writing if you need to cancel.

▪▪Cancellations made before 30 June 2022 will be refunded less 15% cancellation fee. Cancellations received between 31 June and 1 November 2022 will be refunded less a 50% cancellation fee.

▪▪Cancellations made after this 1 November 2022 will not be refunded.

▪▪ Your non-payment does not cancel your contractual obligations to us.

▪▪No exhibitor shall occupy allocated space until all monies owing to the organiser are paid in full.

In the unlikely case that the event cancels

▪▪ The Sponsor acknowledges and agrees that the Event may be cancelled from time to time for any reason, including but not limited to Intervening Occurrences, either by MCI or by the Host. 

▪▪ The Sponsor agrees that neither MCI nor the Host is liable for any losses, damage, liability or claim caused to the Sponsor directly or indirectly by cancellation of the Event for any reason whatsoever.  

▪▪If the Event is cancelled for any reason whatsoever before its commencement, MCI must promptly notify the Sponsor in writing and provide reasons, and 

  • both parties are discharged from further performance of their obligations under this Agreement, excepting that obligations contained in this clause 4, and provisions that survive upon the termination of this Agreement, remain binding on the parties; and
  • MCI must, within 90 days of cancellation, reimburse all monies paid by the Sponsor under this Agreement, after deduction of reasonable expenses already incurred by MCI in connection with this Agreement, up until the time of cancellation of the Event.

▪▪If the Event is cancelled for any reason whatsoever during the Event, MCI must promptly notify the Sponsor in writing and provide reasons, and: 

  • both parties are discharged from further performance of their obligations under this Agreement, and provisions that survive upon the termination of this Agreement, remain binding on the parties; and
  • MCI must, within 90 days of cancellation, reimburse such portion of the monies paid by the Sponsor as reasonably reflects the reduction in value of the sponsorship benefits to which the Sponsor is entitled under this Agreement, and after deduction of reasonable expenses incurred by MCI in connection with this Agreement, up until the time of cancellation of the Event.  

▪▪ The extent of refunds will be a matter for the Host Organisation (the underwriter) to decide. We have no responsibility for making refunds and attempts to cancel cheques or credit card payments will be rejected by our bank.


▪▪ On termination of this Agreement by either party for any reason: 

  • all Sponsorship Benefits and all Sponsorship Contributions cease, provided that the Sponsor must pay all Sponsorship Contributions payable to MCI that are due and payable under this Agreement up to an including the date of termination; 
  • the Sponsor must cease referring to itself as a sponsor of MCI, the Host or the Event, as the case may be;
  • MCI must, at the option of the Sponsor, return to the Sponsor or destroy all information, promotional and other materials in its possession that contain any such reference;
  • each party must cease making further use of the Intellectual Property of the other party; and
  • such termination is without prejudice to any and all rights and remedies which had accrued to the benefit of the parties to the date of termination.

You and your staff—onsite

▪▪ Your application to sponsor and/or exhibit does not constitute an attendee registration. You will need to do that separately online.

▪▪All exhibition staff must be registered online—i.e. complimentary exhibitor registration, or by purchasing additional exhibitor staff registrations.

Print entitlements

▪▪ Logos and other printed material may, at our sole discretion, be reproduced in colour (where possible), OR the nominated congress spot colour/s OR mono depending on method of production.

▪▪ The sponsor must provide suitable material to meet our publication requirements and deadlines.

▪▪Please provide all material at 300 DPI at 100% in jpeg (preferred for website) AND eps (preferred for print) format including, where possible, RGB or Pantone colour equivalents.

▪▪Where applicable, advertisements are to be supplied by the sponsor.

▪▪No print or web recognition will be given unless payment terms have been met.

Sponsor notes

▪▪All sponsor functions must be endorsed by the AO ORL-HNS2023 congress managers

▪▪ If you are approved by the congress organisers to host a private function, sponsors must do so at their own expense and within the time & date the congress managers approve.

▪▪ Failure to notify or receive approval for hosting a sponsor function during AO ORL-HNS2023 may result in forfeiture of sponsorship fees/entitlements, or the ability to be involved as a sponsor or exhibitor to AO ORL-HNS in the future

Exhibitor notes

▪▪ You may not assign, share, sub-let, or grant licences for the whole or part of the booth without our prior approval. Please email the congress manager for further information.

▪▪We reserve the right to ask you to remove any display items we deem as unacceptable.

▪▪ You must conduct business only from within the confines of your booth. You may not tout, or place any material, outside your booth/space causing obstruction of the aisles.

▪▪ You will be responsible for any reasonable costs of repairing the booth or premises should you paint, mark or damage any fixtures or fabric.

▪▪ Food, beverage or prohibited items are not permitted at the event unless prior arrangements are made with the congress managers.

▪▪Any supplier you use onsite must conform to the venue’s OH&S, insurance and other regulations.

▪▪ You are solely responsible for any physical loss or damage to your own property.

▪▪ You must hold a current public liability insurance policy for a minimum of USD10,000,000. Please forward the name of your insurer, your policy number, the insured amount and its renewal date to us at least four weeks prior to the event. Entry to the venue will be denied if you have not provided this information. If you are unable to organise insurance cover as required, please contact the congress managers to discuss options.

Privacy statement

▪▪ Your name and contact information, including electronic address, may be used by parties directly related to the event such as the organisers and approved stakeholders, for relevant purposes such as promotion, networking, and administration of this, and future events of this type. If you do not consent, please advise us.

▪▪ In addition, your name, organisation, country/state of origin may be published on the list which is provided to delegates, exhibitors and sponsors at the event. If you do not wish your details to be included in this list, please contact us.

Non-sponsor functions

▪▪Ad-hoc or unapproved non-sponsor functions running prior to, during or post congress are prohibited. Failure to comply will result in a forfeit of sponsorship fees and entitlements.

For all sponsor and exhibition enquiries contact:
Thomas Howden

Secretariat Industry Liaison
c/o MCI Australia
T:  +61 2 9213 4016
E: thomas.howden@wearemci.com

© 2023 ORL-HNS 2023. All Rights Reserved.

Individual Partner Items
Audience Engagement
Breakfast seminar
$16,000 (Available to Major Partners or stand-alone)
Women in otolaryngology, trainee and new fellows lunch
$15,000 (Exclusive)
Controversies in otolaryngology debate
$15,000 (Exclusive)
Instructional course
$7,700 (Exclusive per topic per timeslot)
Gala dinner
$12,000 (Exclusive)
Mentorship roundtable (trainee + established mentor groups)
$15,000 (Exclusive per day)
Promotion of hosted off-site function
$4,000 (Multiple)
Delegate Experience
Congress app (exclusive)
Delegate lanyards (exclusive)
Exhibition lounge (exclusive)
Exhibition seating (exclusive)
Social media wall (foyer)
Parkrun Partner (exclusive)
Advertising and Promotion
Registration desk
Decal advertisement (x1 in exhibition)
Pre-congress advertising
Advertising banner on promotional EDMs
Partner acknowledgement (website listing)

$3,500 (max 3 banners per EDM)
During congress advertising
Advertising banner on highlights EDMs (each day of congress)
Congress app advertisement (full page)

$3,500 (max 3 banners per EDM)
$3,000 (Multiple)
Post-congress advertising
Advertising banner on thank you EDM

$3,500 (max 3 banners)
Inclusions Principal Partner
(2 Opportunities)
Major Partner
(8 Opportunities)
Supporting Partner
Incl GST
Incl GST
Incl GST
Audience Engagement
Lunch symposium
Breakfast seminar
Exhibition booth




Promotion of one hosted off-site function (function hosted by partner at partner expense)
Delegate Experience
Sponsor profile and logo on the congress website + app
200 words
200 words
150 words
Acknowledgement of sponsor level on all congress marketing and promotion materials
Advertising banner on congress EDMs (max 3 banners per EDM)
Advertisement (full page) congress app
Verbal sponsor acknowledgement during opening and closing address
Sponsor logo on congress holding slide
App notification/popup (once per day, per user)
Congress delegate registrations
Exhibition/staff registrations
Tickets to the welcome reception
Tickets to the gala dinner
Delegate list (first and last name, organisation and country. Subject to GDPR and privacy laws) 14 days prior, 7 days prior and within one week post-congress
Industry program attendance data (app-based scanning + viewership metrics)
Exhibition lead tracking technology (app-based QR-code. Exportable leads and notes)

Dr Seiji Kakehata

Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine

Seiji Kakehata, M.D., Ph.D.is best known for his work in pioneering endoscopic ear surgery in his home country of Japan and around the world. He servesas Professor and Chair of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Headand Neck Surgery at Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine. He is the Chair of Board of Directors, Japan Otological Society (JOS). In addition, he is a founding board member of the International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery(IWGEES) and its presidentelectas well as the president of the Pan-Asia Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery (PAWGEES).

Dr. Kakehata’s clinical interests includeminimally invasive endoscopicear surgery, conductive and sensorineural hearing loss,and facial nervepalsy.Dr. Kakehata’s research has focused on cochlear hair cell physiology and hearing regeneration. His funded research includes the study of outer hair cell motility, effects of cholesterol alterationson outer hair cells, regenerationof the facial nerve, and regeneration of auditory nerve fiber growth and synapse formation after ear injury.

Dr. Kakehata organized and held the first courses in endoscopic earsurgery in Asia and has held anannual hands-on course since 2012. He has presented at numerous regionaland national meetings in Japan as well as international meetings and courses especially on the subject of endoscopic ear surgery. He has published approximately 150 articles and book chapters.

Dr Dana Thompson

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago


Dr. Thompson is the Lauren D. Holinger Professor Chair of Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She has held faculty positions as premier institutions including the Mayo Clinic and University of Cincinnati College of Medicine/Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. In 2011 she achieved the academic rank of Professor, making her the first African American woman professor in the specialty of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery in the United States. She brings 23 years of experience as an internationally recognized airway surgeon and leader in aerodigestive medicine. The collective research contributions in laryngomalacia have influenced the surgical and medical management of the disease and she is considered one of the world’s authorities on the topic. She received the prestigious Mosher Award from the Triological Society for excellence in clinical research for her seminal work elucidating the etiology of Laryngomalacia.

Prof Sarah Wise

Emory University School of Medicine

Sarah K. Wise, MD, MSCR is Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the Emory Otolaryngology Residency Program Director, Rhinology Fellowship Director, and Director of Otolaryngic Allergy. Dr. Wise completed medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, residency at Emory University and rhinology fellowship at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Wise has served on the Board of Directors of the American Rhinologic Society and the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy. She will become President of the American Rhinologic Society in September 2022, serving as the Society’s first female president. Her clinical interests include inflammatory rhinology, otolaryngic allergy, relationship of allergy and chronic rhinosinusitis, and cerebrospinal fluid leaks. Dr. Wise lectures nationally and internationally. Her most notable publication is the International Consensus Statement on Allergy and Rhinology: Allergic Rhinitis, where she served as first author/primary editor.



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Prof Robert Ferris

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

Robert L. Ferris, MD, PhD is Hillman Professor of Oncology and Director of the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. He is Associate Vice Chancellor for Cancer Research, and Professor of Otolaryngology, of Immunology, and of Radiation Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh. As a head and neck surgical oncologist and translational tumor immunologist, his lab is uniquely positioned to investigate mechanisms of anti-tumor immunity in the tumor microenvironment (TME), as well as tumor cell
escape. Dr. Ferris’s NIH-funded laboratory is focused on reversal of immune escape and immunotherapy using monoclonal antibodies and vaccines, leading to the first positive randomized phase III trial of head and cancer immunotherapy. He is Principal Investigator of the Pitt Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) grant for translational head and neck research and has been continuously NIH R01 funded for >15 years.

Dr. Ferris has an h-index of 96 and his >420 peer-reviewed scientific and clinical publications have garnered >36,000 citations. Dr. Ferris currently serves on the Editorial Boards of JNCI, JCO, Clinical Cancer Research, and Cancer Immunology Research. He is Editor in Chief of Oral Oncology. He is lead investigator of several practice-changing, prospective randomized trials, including Checkmate-141 published in NEJM, which led to the FDA approval of Nivolumab for head and neck cancer, ECOG 3311 (published in JCO in late 2021), testing radiation dose-deintensification after transoral robotic surgery (TORS) for HPV+ oropharynx cancer, as well as ECOG ACRIN 3132, using p53 mutational testing in HPVnegative cancer, to predict response to radiation versus chemoradiation. He recently completed a 6-year term co-chairing  the NCI Steering Committee for Head and Neck Cancer and is currently Vice President of the American Head and Neck Society.

Sponsor Name

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